CAT5+ BUILDING SYSTEMS AND MATERIALS LLC. (“Cat5+” or the “Company”) was formed to market, sell and joint venture the manufacture of a New Building System, promoting and branding its own building products and systems worldwide. The initial products being launched by Cat5+ are its wall system blocks, flooring and roof systems.

Cat5+  products represent a compelling opportunity to build homes and communities using its building systems. The Cat5+ System does the following:

  • Withstands sustained winds over 250mph

  • Has a four-hour fire burn-time

  • Cannot grow mold

  • Is insect proof

  • Withstands storm surge and flooding

  • Is “Green Friendly” performing better than a conventional wall system at R30+ reducing the size  of the homes cooling and heating systems

  • Is easy to build making it ideal for DIY and a much faster process for local contractors

  • Erected in half the time of a typical concrete masonry unit (CMU) system and without the need  for skilled labor for 95% of the installation

  • Remains standing through the worst of nature’s elements

  • Dry’s quickly after a flood and dries mold free so does not require the structure or parts of it to be demolished if flooded

  • Extremely cost competitive

  • Has a very high sound tolerance

  • Can be seismic engineered by the structural engineer via the strategic placement of vertical and horizontal rebar within the wall and roof systems

  • Built in half the time of a traditional block systems due to the mortar that is required  between each block in the normal CMU system and the dry time required between courses

  • Doesn’t require any additional internal installation (wood, fiberglass or sheetrock etc.)

  • The internal walls can also be constructed using our internal wall block system

  • When our sisters company’s 3 KW solar system (which is to be manufactured locally) is added to the roof system, the home will have a zero footprint on the national power grid and can also supply surplus power back to the national grid